I was sitting an open house this weekend (before the snow came and buried Montgomery County in a few inches) and spent some great time with a potential buyer.  He had been to the house before, with his agent, and was back again armed with a tape measure.  As an aside, coming to open houses without your agent is totally allowed…just be sure to let everyone know who your agent is so we don’t violate any of our ethical commitments.

During this visit, the potential buyer not only carried his tape measure from room to room but he also was quick to ask about what the utility costs were for the house he was looking to buy. That’s a sign of an intelligent buyer. What good is buying a house if you can’t afford to run it down the road?

When you are looking at property, either with me as your agent or someone else, be sure to ask the listing agent for an estimate of the utility costs. If you need additional help understanding how those costs factor into the total picture, please contact me.